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Why take aerial photos? Lucy; Wari-Bateshwar Ruins, Bangladesh

What is Geophys?; Ħagar Qim, Malta; Coudenberg Palace, Brussels, Belgium

What is Stratigraphy?; The Terracotta Army; Marco Gonzalez Mayan Site, Belize

What is A Section?; The Grauballe Man; Isla del Sol, Bolivia

What is A Post Hole?; The Staffordshire Hoard; Blagaj Fort, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Why Are Changes In Soil Colour So Important?; The Baghdad Batteries; Amazon Stonehenge.

What Is A Robber Trench?; Roman Dodecahedron; Castra Martis, Romania.

What Is A Spoil Heap?; Early Stone Spears; Angkor Wat, Cambodia

What Is A Context?; Wonders of Sanxingdui; L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

What Do You Do When You Find Something?; Rapa Nui Statues – Easter Island; Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan.

What Is A Date Bracket?; La Tène Pottery; Star Carr, England.

What Does AD, BC, BCE and CE Mean?; Gobekli Tepe; Non Nok Tha, Thailand.

What Is Typology?; The Headless Vikings of Dorset; Dickson’s Mounds, Illinois.

What Was The Bronze Age?; Sea of Galilee Boat; Çatalhöyük, Turkey.

What Was The Iron Age?; Vindolanda Tablets; Thebes, Greece

What Were the Dark Ages?; Ardi; Ur, Iraq.

What Is Prehistory?; The Uluburun Shipwreck; Harappa, Pakistan.

What Were The Middle Ages?; The Venetian Vampire; Hierakonpolis, Egypt.

What Types of Dating are There?; The Brodgar Boy; The Battle of Zama, Tunisia.

What Is Experimental Archaeology?; The Dumfries Viking Hoard; Birka and Hovgården, Sweden.

Have There Been Any Archaeology Hoaxes?; Folsom Points, USA; Kaupang, Norway.

What is a DMV?; Clovis Points, USA; Uruk, Mesopotamia.

Why is Archaeology Destruction?; Deer Antler Masks; Hill of Tara, Ireland.

Why is Rescue Archaeology?; Battersea Shield; Carnac, Brittany, France.

What are Portable Antiquities?; The Great Torc; Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.

What is Forensic Archaeology?; Minoan Pottery; Mattocks Membres Cultural Heritage Site.

What do Archaeologists Wear?; Olmec Heads; Pedra Furada, Brazil.

What is a Henge?; Otzi, The Iceman; Shang City, China

What is a Platform Mound?; Chinese Painted Bronze Mirror; Bilzingsleben, Germany.

What is a Civitas?; German First World War Trench; Machu Picchu, Peru.

What was the Miocene?; The Ardagh Chalice; Knossos, Crete

Why do you Use Trenches?; The Standard of Ur; Halls of the Dead.

Who Was Gertrude Caton Thompson?; The Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari; British Camp, Herefordshire, England.

What is the English Heritage Archive?; Wooden Aztec War Drums; Ust-Polui, Salekhard, Siberia.

What is the Post-Medieval Period?; The Venus of Brassempouy; Devil’s Lair, Western Australia.

What is Battlefield Archaeology?; The Romeo and Juliet Burial; Petra, Jordan.

What is a Moat?; Sawankhalok Ceramics, Thailand;  Serpent Mound, Ohio, USA.

What is an Open Field System?; Winchester 1873 Rifle; Troy.

What is Glastonbury Ware?; Stone Tools from Dhofar, Oman; Malia, Crete.

What is an Open excavation?; Basse-Yutz Celtic Flagons; Hacilar, Turkey.

What is a Glasis Rampart?; Jordan Codices, Jordan; Tumba Madžari, Macedonia.

Who Was Peter Vilhelm Glob?; Tune Ship Burial; Aquincum, Budapest.

What is a Tell?; Persian Textiles – Pazyryk, Siberia; Nazca Lines, Peru.

What is a Glyph?; Gold Coins in Jerusalem; Komchén, Yucatán, Mexico.

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