Homo antecessor

Homo antecessor Facial Reconstruction ©www.beautifulnow.is
Homo antecessor Facial Reconstruction

Name:                                Homo antecessor

Other names:                 –

Age:                                    800,000 – 1.2 million years ago

Height:                             Males 1.6 – 1.8m tall (5 foot 3 inches – 5 foot 11 inches)

Weight:                             Males 4190 kg (200 lbs)

Brain Size:                       1000 – 1150 cc

Description:                    Receding chin

Diet:                                    Plants, meat, bone marrow. Remains of horse and deer found at                                                 excavation sites.

Culture:                            Oldest human remains found in Europe

Tool Culture:                  Olduwan style

Date Discovered:           1994-1996

Area Discovered:           Gran Dolina, Atapuerca, Spain

Who Discovered:

                • Archaeologist Eudald Carbonell i Roura
                • Paleoanthropoloist Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras



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