Homo erectus

Homo erectus Reconstruction ©Wiki Commons
Homo erectus Reconstruction
©Wiki Commons

Name:                                Homo erectus

Other names:                 Java Man; Peking Man,; Solo Man

Age:                                    1.8 – 0.3 million years ago

Height:                              1.45 – 1.85 m tall (4′ 9 ” – 6′ 1″)

Weight:                            40- 68 kg (88 – 150 lb)

Brain Size:                       750 – 1250 cc

Description:                    Tall, well built, habitually walked on two legs (habitual biped)

Diet:                                    Meat and plants.

Culture:                             Used fire in hearths for food and possibly warmth, adapted to                                                      changing environments.

Tool Culture:                  Acheulean – made flakes, hand axes and cleavers.

Date Discovered:           1891

Area Discovered:           Indonesia

Who Discovered:           Dutch surgeon Eugine Dubois.



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