Homo floresiensis

Homo floresiensis ©Wiki Commons
Homo floresiensis
©Wiki Commons


Name:                                Homo floresiensis

Other names:                 The Hobbit; Flo

Age:                                   95,000 – 17,000 years ago

Height:                             1.06 m tall (3 foot 6 inches)

Weight:                            30 kg (66 lb)

Brain Size:                      380 cc

Description:                   Wide pelvis, hunched shoulders thick legs and no chin.

Diet:                                  Stegodon (small elephant type animals), remains also found in                                                   cave belong to frog, fish, snake, tortoise, birds, large rats,                                                             komodo dragon.

Culture:                          Lived in caves outside of main society.

Tool Culture:                Pebble tools similar to the Oldowan Culture. Also found were                                                       points, bladed and micro-blades which would have been used for                                               hunting.

Date Discovered:           2003

Area Discovered:           Liang Bua Cave, Isle of Flores, Indonesia

Who Discovered:           Mike Morwood



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