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Sue offers educational classes that are set around the WA Curriculum. The classes can be 1-2 hours in length and for up to 30 students at a time. Set around archaeology and history from an archaeological perspective.

Included in the classes are information, discussion and hands-on activities that engage the students and inspire them to extend themselves by going and discovering more about the topic they have leaned.

Here is a small sample of the classes on offer –

  • What is Archaeology
  • Hands on Archaeological Discovery sessions, including Excavation Techniques
  • The Archaeology of Tribes and Empires
  • Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day
  • Quests – consolidating learning from any number of subjects delivered in a real-life Quest for the children to explore, discover and become excited about their work.


“Archaeology is a great way to engage young people with the history and heritage that is all around them whilst at the same time providing them with a fun, sociable and educational experience. The Junior Archaeologists’ Club in Perth is doing a great job to bring archaeology to the young people of the area”.

Dr. Mike Heyworth, Director, Council of British Archaeology.

"After a full month of classes both my son and daughter are having a blast undertaking these Archaeology classes. Sue is not only very informative but understanding to the various ages of the kids present. I believe she manages to split the classes well between the theory and practical aspects of her classes. All up Sue is a great educator and is a benefit to my kids education." 

Denise Cole, parent.
"One of the hardest aspects of homeschooling is finding lessons and educators that are both "value for money" and "educational but fun". With STC Archaeology we have the complete package, Sue is an outstanding educator and her lessons are so informative with exactly the precise balance of hands on learning/discussion to keep the children engaged. Highly recommended." 

Michelle Compton, parent.
"Absolutely thrilled with the archaeology classes they cover various different aspects of the curriculum which is fantastic but also the kids are so engaged and thoroughly involved which shows the skill of Sue as an educator...cannot recommend these classes highly enough!!" 

Linda Demarco, parent.


Sue is available as a speaker on the subjects of archaeology and history. The talks are for 1 hour. Here is a small sample of the talks available…

  • The Archaeology of the Somme
  • ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day
  • War Horse
  • Spirit of the ANZAC’s
  • Why bother with Archaeology?
  • What is Archaeology?


 We recently had Sue Carter from STC Archaeology at the library to talk about Archaeology of the Somme.

Sue is professional with real-world experience in her field. The talk exceeded my expectations and feedback from those who attended was whole-heartedly positive.

The session included a PowerPoint presentation, maps of dig areas and artefacts from the Somme.

It was a thoroughly engaging, interesting and at times heart-rending talk as we journeyed around the Somme together.

I wouldn’t hesitate to book STC Archaeology for another talk in the future.

Claire | Community Engagement Officer | City of Armadale Libraries


Connect with Sue below to see how she assist you in enhancing your educational experiences…..

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