2019 Term 1 School Incursions

Are you aware of what archaeology really is?

How it impacts our every day and even our future?

Want a fun, exciting and immersive incursion for your students?

I know how stressed you are as teachers – been there, done that – for 5 years I taught in both the public and private sectors. I know the pressure you are under. Planning, PD’s, compliance etc all demanding your time, energy and yes, even your hard earned money!

As an archaeologist with a Grad Dip in Early Childhood Education I have designed my incursions with YOU in mind. You need

  • Ease of booking
  • Easy payment system for your school
  • A fun and exciting delivery guaranteed to immerse the children in the subject
  • FREE information for you to build up to/follow on from the incursion
  • Control over the incursion you choose
  • Challenging and extension ideas for your more advanced students

As a teacher your voice matters, YOU matter. You are one of the composers of the child’s life. You have an impact that will stay with them. I remember my first teachers, one in particular who believed in me, even though, in that school, I was not one the brightest students. His belief impacted my life in so many ways.

We specialise in inspiring children through information, hands-on immersion, fun activities and encouraging their imagination during our range of incursions. Cross-curricular and ticking many of the boxes across the curriculum, we take the pain out of finding fun, different and education packed ways to cover as many areas as we can for you, ensuring you peace of mind and a great memory for both you and your classes.

We have three levels of incursions………


“Sue really knows her subject and her passion and archaeology are contagious. School children of all ages would love this” Jeanne Robinson, teacher.

“Thank you! I’ve come away inspired and full of wonderful ideas. The session was informative and engaging – but also practical. Rare to find a session that is quite so useful!” City of Wanneroo, Perth.

The following incursions are available for Term 1 2019, with an emphasis on ANZAC Day

  • Spirit of the ANZAC’s

What does it take to be an ANZAC?  What makes an ANZAC so world renowned and acknowledged by the different countries throughout the world? Galipolli, Villers-Bretonneux, Pozières all contribute to the ANZAC legend. Create your own unique Spirit of My ANZAC Hero with the Pro Level option

  • War Horse

Why were horse so important during the First World War? How did they get to Egypt and France? Did the Army train all the Brumby’s that went to war? Who are the famous Australian War Horses? Create your own unique wooden Australian War Horse with the Pro Level option

  • The Poppy

Understand the history behind, and the special meaning of the poppy. Why is it a symbol of Remembrance? When was it first introduced? Why should we Remember something from so long ago? Make your own special poppies to lay this ANZAC Day with the Pro level option.


  • Archaeology of The Somme 

The Incursion is based around the artefacts from the Somme – by researching and understanding these artefacts and lives of those who died over 100 years ago, we can look at parallels with our own lives, and the world we currently live in.

Understanding why it is important for us to Remember the Fallen the incursion includes a 1 hour + talk (See Level table above for options). The students also have the opportunity to handle WWI artefacts currently being researched by STC Archaeology, including those from the November 2018 excavations at Hawthorn Crater, Beaumont-Hamel, France with the Pro Level.

“Absolutely thrilled with the archaeology classes they cover various different aspects of the curriculum which is fantastic but also the kids are so engaged and thoroughly involved which shows the skill of Sue as an educator…cannot recommend these classes highly enough!!” Linda Demarco.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to book STC Archaeology for another talk in the future.” – Claire | Community Engagement Officer | City of Armadale Libraries

Teacher PD’s and Workshops

Sue, who specialises in teaching archaeology and history, is also available for teacher PD’s and Workshops. Offering a tailored workshop just for your school and addressing the issues that concern you regarding delivering classes and activities based around Australian History and ANZAC Remembrance. There are only a limited number available.

Simply fill in the Contact Form below with your choice of Incursion – setting the wheels in motion for a fun, exciting and immersive educational experience for your students!


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