Junior Archaeologists Club WA

Fancy having the Junior Archaeologists Club in your local area, or at your school?

Watch the video to find out about some of the amazing activities we do and the educational benefit to the children!


What’s in it for you?
A happy and educated child!

Your child will be presented a FREE Junior Archaeologist Kit with tools being added each week, plus the hands-on sessions include

  • Working with others as part of a team
  • Problem solving
  • Working with numbers
  • Leadership
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding the archaeological process
  • Following instructions
  • Mapping
  • Completing an Archaeological Journal
  • FREE Junior Archaeologists Kit Messenger Bag with all the tools
  • And yes – excavating!

 Curriculum areas covered supplied to Homeschool parents.

“Archaeology is a great way to engage young people with the history and heritage that is all around them whilst at the same time providing them with a fun, sociable and educational experience. The Junior Archaeologists’ Club in Perth is doing a great job to bring archaeology to the young people of the area”.

Dr. Mike Heyworth, Director, Council of British Archaeology.

Get off the technology and into real life practical sessions which are educational and fun.

All sessions are professionally designed and tailored to the specific ages of the children (ages from 7 -18). Sue has a Grad. Dip. in Teaching, ensuring curriculum areas are covered and the children gain a fully educational experience, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Your children need it!

Your community needs it!

Locations available between Joondalup – Harvey.


ONLY 4 Bookings remaining for Term 1


Connect with us below to find out more about having our awesome Junior Archaeologists Club in your area!

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